About us

World Festival Network

The World Festival Network brings the international festival sector closer together. Acting as a liaison between festivals and performers, audiences, suppliers and the media we provide the opportunity to strengthen and promote multi-disciplinary Festivals. We do this through education, introduction, networking, research, dissemination of information, and the cultivation and development of good working practice. We encourage synergies, collaboration and expose issues, keeping the industry fresh, up to date with political agendas, highlighting global developments and monitoring trends. As well as holding online listings and facilitating major projects, we offer consultancy and legal advice, visa & tour route information, and run workshops and networking events

What is World Festival Network?

WFN offers consultancy and advice to new festivals as well as working towards being an online network. It holds important legal information and updates, information on courses, networking events and socials. It acts as a liaison between festivals and implements cross-festival ideas and relations, such as award schemes, tours and funding opportunities.

The Idea

Holly has travelled around the world since 2001 speaking to festivals and performers gauging their needs and how their development could be supported. The WFN has grown out of an obvious desire for performers to tour in order to develop their careers and reputation. Festival management need to share ideas, keep in touch and support each other. Audience development is an important part of the World Festival Network keeping ticket buyers up to date with what’s on where they are. It is apparent that it’s not just Fringe Festivals who are interested in the WFN’s developments, but all genres of festival, and the performers, the audiences, the media and suppliers have all expressed an interest and have thought it a resource that is needed and one which they would use.

Who We Are

Holly Payton-Lombardo is the Managing Director and Founder of World Festival Network. An International communications expert she understands the intricacies of communications from all levels and countries from management to Artists, businesses, government, Cultural networks and organisations, sponsors and industry professionals.

She has worked in the festival and event business since 2001, founding the Brighton Fringe, which she then managed for 7 years. She has worked as a Festival Venue Director and in the Senior Management Team of Edinburgh Fringe Society, as well as for many UK international festivals. She has experience of business model restructuring, employment law, immigration & visa law, conferencing and legal issues. Founding the World Festival Network in 2007 and launching World Fringe in 2011. Holly travels the world meeting festival managers and Artists giving support on venue management, Production touring and festival development.

As well as running networking events, courses and lecturing on Festivals she has developed business strategies, HR and Health and safety documents for companies. She is on the executive board of BAFA (British Arts Festival Association), Steering & advisory committee of many Fringe Festivals.

Catherine Mattos is an events and festival consultant, specialising in Fringe festivals and outdoor programmes. Cath lives in Brighton and has been an Events Coordinator with Brighton Fringe for the previous four years. Cath is the Projects Director with World Festival Network, working to share information and resources for Fringe Festivals and their performers globally.